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Learn to Trade Stock Options!


Get started on your own, custom training program in trading options. Personal mentoring and ongoing support ensure you stay on track. Savor the enviable lifestyle few only dream about, that of a successful options day trader!

Fast Track Training

Trade 'As it Happens' with the Pros!


Witness the action 'live' as we execute our signature Bread and Butter strategy, using the  'KISS Indicator®' and the Launch Pad®. All effective on their own but when our 3 pro options traders and their indicators unite, their trades ignite!

Watch and Learn, Trade and Earn

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Learn to Trade Stock Options!


Consistently. Quickly. Confidently.


Intro to Trading Webinar... How We Can Help

For Sunday, Oct. 19, is posted HERE.. enjoy!


My name is Hugh. Please view my Welcome Video just to the right.

I invite you to a free, 'Introduction to Options Trading' one on one webinar.

These are live, interactive sessions to see if trading options is of interest..
Let us create a custom designed trading training program just for you.
Who we are: seasoned, professional stock options traders 
What we do: teach others to be proficient at day trading for consistent profits
How we can help: provide training to help you become confident, profitable
Choose a customize program that works for you.
- fast track stock training course with personal coaching or group conferencing
- 'Inner Circle' to access Hugh's morning picks along with a follow up report
- 'Live Trading' with three professional traders you can shadow, learn and earn
- concise, informative e-books written by Hugh for easy reference to guide you
- exclusive proprietary software to assist in trading stocks with imminent moves 

Contact Me for a brief, personal 'one on one' chat to discuss how we can help you.
A question many people ask: how are you different from the others?  Find out here.




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Hugh's Welcome Video

Our 5th Annual Day Trader Cruise
February 28, 2015 
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1. Attend an 'Introduction to Trading' webinar.
2. Subscribe to the Inner Circle
3. Get the group training / e-books
4. Step up to Live Trading / Basic Package
5. Aggressive traders, contact Hugh for details
Find out how day trading can change your life.


"I do not have to get involved with iron condors, spreads, butterfly's or whatever. Your program is great!!!! Thank you so much for a great program, and being a great individual...  I recommend your trading to anyone who wants to trade options."

~ Bill W. , FL   October, 2014