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Learn to Trade Stock Options!


Get started on your own, custom training program in trading options. Personal mentoring and ongoing support ensure you stay on track. Savor the enviable lifestyle few only dream about, that of a successful options day trader!

Fast Track Training

Trade 'As it Happens' with the Pros!


Witness the action 'live' as we execute our signature Bread and Butter strategy, using the  'KISS Indicator®' and the Launch Pad®. All effective on their own but when our 3 pro options traders and their indicators unite, their trades ignite!

Watch and Learn, Trade and Earn

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The Simple Way to Trade Stock Options and Secure Your Financial Future
Consistently. Quickly. Confidently.
We teach you how.



We invite you to an 'Introduction to Options Trading' webinar.

Live sessions determine if our simple trading method may be of interest.

Our Approach Makes Us Different:
Our simple 'one stock, one strategy, one hour a day' methodology makes trading enjoyable and profitable. No complex spreads and misleading or redundant indicators. Our methodology takes a simpler - and more profitable - approach to making money on the stock market. We fast track you to success, teaching only what you need to know to start trading quickly, consistently and confidently.
Our Strategy is Superior*:
Our methodology uses a simple concept: buy low and sell high.We do not look to get the lowest entry prices and sell at the highest. Instead, our system works on taking advantage of small prices movements throughout the day and consistently building your account 5-10% at a time. 
Let us create a custom designed trading training program just for you.
Who we are: seasoned, professional stock options traders / trainers
What we do: provide an online stock options trading program for day trading
How we can help: provide personal training, mentoring as well as trading software

Proprietary Software: triggers trades of interest for a target of 8% profit

  KISS Indicator® - tracks 15 stocks, including SPY, DIA, IWM and QQQ for trades
  Launch Pad®- triggers for a 'one trade a day' on SPY for a minimum 8% profit
  Launch Pad Plus®- may trigger SPY up to several times a day
  Batters Box®- triggers stocks for a longer term swing trade opportunities


Choose a customize program that works for you.
- fast track stock training course with personal coaching or group conferencing
- 'Inner Circle' for Hugh's picks  and a follow up report along with weekly webinars
- 'Live Trading' with three professional traders you can shadow, learn and earn
- concise, informative e-books written by Hugh for easy reference to guide you
- exclusive proprietary software to assist in trading stocks with imminent moves 
- all interaction through GoToWebinar® in the comfort of your home / office 
- sessions scheduled from 1 pm to midnight, ET, to accommodate a global audience
- meetings are recorded for future reference and training purposes
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Enjoy the benefits!
1. work when you want, as much or as little as you want.
2. work wherever you want, provided there is an internet/cell connection
3. Start with a little investment but make unlimited earnings
4. Relish a life free of bosses, staff, customers, suppliers, bankers, etc.
5. Enjoy an enviable and respected lifestyle!


View the Introduction to Options Trading  webinar of Saturday, Dec. 13


Contact Hugh for a brief, personal 'one on one' chat to discuss how we can help you.
A question many people ask: how are you different from the others?  Find out here.




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As of September, 2014, shows rated #1 again in

Annual Rank Results,

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"First 3 trading days with EStock and I am at 25%."

Keith S.     December, 2014


"just finished listening to Mujahid guest spot on your presentation... very educational... finding your course is finally like the light at the end of the tunnel, and I can rest a little now."

James M., AZ     November, 2014


"Great hour last night. Very informative. I learn all the time from every presentation and webinar. You are a great teacher and leader. Thx. "

~ JP M.,    ME     October, 2014


"I do not have to get involved with iron condors, spreads, butterfly's or whatever. Your program is great!!!! Thank you so much for a great program, and being a great individual...  I recommend your trading to anyone who wants to trade options."

~ Bill W. , FL   October, 2014