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Tired of complex spreads? Had enough of stock trading advisory up sells? Wasted money on courses that took you nowhere, or worse? Well, so are we! That is why we developed the ‘Ultimate Training Course’. We day trade options on SPY. One simple strategy that earns us an enviable lifestyle.

Making money on the stock market is not that difficult, if you know how. We fast track you to success with our simple yet effective strategy.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned trader, talk to us about creating a custom designed program that suits your style, your budget and your financial goals. Click Here to book your free, introductory GoToMeeting® session.

Our Course

Become the expert with our program. From our group sessions to personal ‘one-on-one’ mentoring, learn on your time, your place. For serious traders!

Inner Circle

Get Head Trader/Trainer Hugh’s premarket morning picks along with his follow up report. Engage in Hugh’s Cocktail Hour webinars and more. For serious traders!

Live Trading

Join professional traders Hugh and Burt Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9:20 am. Sessions are interactive, educational and fun. For serious traders!

Exclusive Tools

Embrace the Launch Pad, our legendary proprietary software for ‘a trade a day’, our interpretive e-books and other effective trading tools. For serious traders!


Tired of the ‘experts’ flaunting their egos? Bought the programs but still unable to trade consistently and confidently? How are your profits? Whether you are just looking at options or are a seasoned pro, you will learn strategy unlike any other. Our success is no accident. We’ve been in business for over 5 years, having trained hundreds of folks from all walks of life, all demographics from all over the world. Isn’t it YOUR turn?


In this day and age, it is not uncommon to have several careers in a lifetime. Gone are the days of job security, and a university degree is no longer a guarantee of anything. Take control of your own financial future. Take matters into your own hands and become the master of a specialized technique, enabling you to take money at will from the stock market. Nothing is more liberating!


We have traded equities in the past as well as dabbled in derivatives. Nothing, however, compares to stock options. This is the fastest growing financial instrument, once exclusive only to the professionals, now available to the retail trader. Options provide stunning trading leverage while controlling risk. Trading is inherently risky, which is why you need to learn in order to earn. Know that you are in the right place!


Head Trader / Trainer Hugh started this service years ago in response to public pressure on his winning record of consistently beating the market. What started out as the Inner Circle quickly grew to the comprehensive web site it now is, incorporating training, exclusive trading software, live trading, e-books and mentoring programs. We make our money trading but our true joy comes from training. Embrace it all!


We have been where you are, recalling the stress and costs of learning. The vast majority of traders fail within the first year, simply running out of money. We understand those concerns and strive to work with you in becoming proficient for long term success. No complex strategies, just a simple formula that works. Combine that with our superior client service and readily see our personal interest in your success!


We do not overwhelm you with information, most of which is useless to you as a trader. We do not lock you into a long term financial commitment. We have no ultra high priced products or services that force you to engage in order to get your money’s worth. We actually proudly trade what we teach. In short, we treat you the respect the same way we would want to be treated.


Try us out. Most folks ‘get their feet wet’ with the Inner Circle, later embracing our other programs. Our training seeks to fast track you to success, teaching only what you need to know to make money quickly, confidently and consistently. Our Live Trading sessions and exclusive software are game changers. The more you engage, the better trader you will be. Please join us!


We never pressure anyone. The next step is up to you. Should you long for our recommendation, we suggest the following: 1. The Ultimate Training Course 2. Inner Circle Membership If you would like, book a free, ‘one on one’ session with Hugh to custom design a program that works best for you. Make the commitment and we will guide you step by step. Trading options is very empowering. Expect a lifestyle change! We look forward to your success!

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They find us through searches, referrals and word of mouth. Maybe they spotted us on social media or through a broker. Our client base consists of folks from all walks of life, including doctors, pilots, truckers, lawyers and students. We have professional sports figures, celebrities, authors, blue collar workers, political figures and others. Geographically, our clients are located around the world. We welcome everyone!

From our Legal Department: (Disclaimer)

Options trading is risky business. The  risk of loss can be substantial. You should carefully consider whether such trading is suitable for you in light of your personal investment objectives and financial resources. This web site and all pertinent information derived thereof is for educational purposes only. You alone are responsible for all your own trades.

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… the results have been tremendous… I am simply amazed. No other trading system or methodology comes close. Without a doubt, this is a game-changer.

James W.

VA, May, 2016

As a current Launch Pad subscriber, I have been very satisfied to say the least, with the results.

Loren B.

NJ, May, 2016

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