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This is but a sampling of what others say... from active traders, newbies, casual observers.  Names are withheld for privacy. 



"Great hour last night. Very informative. I learn all the time from every presentation and webinar. You are a great teacher and leader. Thx."
JP M.    ME     October, 2014
"Your service has been nothing short of exceptional! I will be back as soon as my schedule allows me."
Jason C.   WI    October, 2014
" profit of 56% for hte day"....  Sept. 17
" profit of 15% for the day"...  Sept. 19
"...single trade today... 10% profit"... Sept 22
" profit of 72% for the day"...  Sept. 25
" 8% profit for my only trade today"...  Sept. 29
Dennis A.   UT   September, 2014
<editor's note...  this is but a sampling... Dennis sends me his results daily>
"... always recall you are a stand up guy... good to see you back on!  Your honesty and humility set you apart from the many charlatans in this industry."
Jon,   VA      September, 2014
"I love the live trading sessions. Obviously I can't speak for everyone but the calm and decisive decisions that you and Burt make put me at ease this morning despite a somewhat tumultuous market. "
Chris S., ME       August, 2014
 "The Think or Swim webinar is fabulour and a LOT of info! I"m still going through it every day."
Lynda S., ON       August, 2014
"I have sensed that you are very personally interactive with each person which in today's environment is rare but refreshing. Thank you for maintaining that and hopefully you won't grow too fast and not be able to continue with this personal service."
Robynn M.    CA       July, 2014
"... I've had a successful trade every day since I started a week ago today with no losers. The first two were less than 2% ROI since I did not have the confidence to stick with it, but since then, all trades have been double digit. Obviously, I am loving your system."
Malcolm C., TN     June, 2014
"Just wanted you to know that today I made 23% on SPY puts from LP signal and 9% on Batters Box (my 1st BB trade) with YELP. WHOOPEE!!"
Paul E., CO     June, 2014
"I have had 3 trades utilizing Hugh's method... 10%, 15% and 19.8%. I'm impressed, WOW!!....  the best Options Trading System with the Best Training I have seen & I have seen a LOT!  I was able to pay for the training webinars the first week." 
J. M.   Dallas, TX     May, 2014
"Well... this has indeed been an amazing day....  all in all... a whopping 81% profit for the day!!!  Do you think I should send Putin some flowers for bailing me out today?"
Dennis A.,  UT     May, 2014
"The Batter's Box is a great addition and I like it."
Thomas K., FL     April, 2014
"You seem to really care about helping people and that means a lot to me, Thank you!"
Mike D.  CO     April, 2014
"It seems to me that your trading room and approach to trading is what I have been looking for - I am very grateful that I found you and your colleagues..."
Brian D., N.Y.     April, 2014
"Thank you for being fabulous and sharing information that could potentially make my family financially wealthy! God bless you many, many times over, Hugh."
Biata, N.J.    March, 2014
"3 trades today...8%, ...18%,... 7% .... total of 33% for the day"
Dennis A.  UT    March, 2014
"Thank you Hugh. I was really hoping to get the book tonight and you delivered! Also thanks for the trade tip on HSY and a big thank you for writing this book!"
Don, FL     February, 2014
"I earned 31% on this trade but wanted to verify with you that I'm understanding your training. I keep missing details."
Scott & MIria, CO    February, 2014
"Without trying to blow smoke up your back side, you are a remarkable individual. I feel lucky to have found estock trading."
Mike B., FL    January, 2014
"What a great week!!!  $2,525!   yeehaw!"
Charli, CO   January, 2014
"...I've found profits with every trade since starting with the Launch Pad."
Jim H., NC    December, 2013
"It was a pleasure to meet you, Bob & Burt... Overall, I have done very well and am very happy with the methodologies the 3 of you have taught me."
Jim L.,   ON     December, 2013
"The live trading is fantastic. Thank you!"
Laurie G., CA     November, 2013
"Enjoyed my first webinar very much and made a little cash as well, 13%!!"
Brian, CA     November, 2013
" of 21% profit for the day. Why didn't I know about this 30 years ago???"
Dennis A., UT    October, 2013
"You make the complicated subject of trade so simple and easy to learn."
Tina G., CA,    October, 2013
"Tonight's webinar was one of the most informative and helpful."
Bobbie, FL    September, 2013
"Thank you for your reply. The plan you present makes sense. I am all for it!"
Tony W.,    September, 2013
"I'm really excited to start with this program. You are a blessing that has been put in my life. I like the way you teach and keep it simple. Thank you for this new journey you have inspired me to take."
Larry N., Fort Myers, FL,   August, 2013
"Again, you are doing these webinars in perfect relax manner with superior knowledge of trading SPY market. There is no better teacher-instructor-leader 'THANK YOU VERY MUCH""
Alex F., August, 2013
"Results from the 3 weeks - gross trading profit of $11,394 less commissions of $2,116.91 and a net profit of $9,277.09"  <This trader just started with us... his first trade was $801.24... great job!>
Jim L., Ontario, Canada, August, 2013
"As always I am grateful for your response and advice. I thank the good Lord daily for all the blessings he has bestowed upon me including you and your wonderful service... As I have said many times you are simply the BEST!!!!"
Richard P, CO, July, 2013
"Hugh, I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the valuable and insightful instruction you have Tony and me. I can assure you that had you not been there to provide such outstanding tutelage, I'd have to work this or some other crap job... for the rest of my life."
Sal B., LA., July, 2013
"Just a note of thanks. I started using Launch Pad 2 weeks ago today. Due to some business travel, I was not able to place trades everyday. As of today, I am up over $12,000 and the system is working great."
Al L., July, 2013
"Thank you as always for being so accommodating!"
Don T., June, 2013
"You were right about holding my 159 calls....    I just wanted to thank you for addressing my question at the end of the live trading session."
Claude, June, 2013
"10% profit today on the first LP.. 10% on the revised LP... and another 12% on a later LP Plus trade... for a total of 32% on the day. Nice way to start the week!"
D.A., May, 2013
"Your help and encouragement is greatly appreciated. You are a great teacher and mentor. I know Eli likes what he is doing and you have made it that much easier."
M. Q., New York, May, 2013
"I don't care what your wife say about you... you're the best!"
Antonio,   May, 2013
Unsolicited comments from Live Trading, April/13:
"feisty little room today"
"12% in 9 minutes... nineteen minutes later, another 12%"
"another 8% day"
".84 to .93 for a nice 11% profit"
"used Lpad and Lpad plus for three 8% trades for total of 24%"
'trades 26.5% and 15.9%"
"14.7% profit on puts"
"17% profit on 154 calls"
"... that managing these trades can turn a losing position into a winning trade."
"As I've watched your results day by day over the last month, my initial skepticism has melted away into awe. Good job."
Gabriel, April, 2013
"As a member for more than a month, I enjoy working with your program and my success has been much better than anything that I have used in the past 5 years of trading."
Dave B.,  March, 2013,
"When I started with the Day Trading program in January, first week I was happy making $100 a day, third week was happy doing $300 a day. The last two weeks it has been $1,500 with spikes of $9,500 and $7,500... not happy with the 9k or 7k because my wife thinks I can do that all the time :-) "
Eli,   FL,     February, 2013
"I am exctied to learn this way of trading!"
Mary Ann,   VA   February, 2013
"I'm so grateful for taking your valuable time, so late at night, to do the in-depth analysis that you did on my trade, and to educate me on how to do it for myself next time. The knowledge and wisdom you provided was invaluable to me..."
Tina, Washington, D.C.    February, 2013
"I have really found the daily reports to be exceptional and really enjoy the Thursday night webinars!"
Brian,  WA    January, 2013
"'Ive made something like forty-something profitable trades in a row."
 Bruno, N.Y.C.   January, 2013
"Sure grateful for your wisdom! You're a great guy with a great heart to help others."
Mark, MI   December, 2012 
"I can't tell you how excited I am!!! This is the first time in years that I feel optimism in trading. Work your magic on me!!! Thank you."
Bobby, B.C., Canada   December, 2012
"My firsrt Launch Pad trade... closed with +30.5%......damn you guys are good."
Steve, WA    December, 2012
"Glad to see the QC technique working well in action... today was a 33% gain on puts for me."
Kamil, Ontario, Canada November, 2012
"You don't know how much your encouragement means to my Hugh. Got 2 good trades in this morning one for 20 percent next for 8 percent then paper traded 6 more using KISS and B and B. My first trade was absolutely perfectly executed..."
Edward K., PA   November, 2012
"Without your help I would never have had the confidence to trade the way I do. You have teen a great mentor. Keep up the good work."
Dale M., FL   November, 2012 
"The quarter candle stretey is working great for me. It really suits my preferred trade style. Thank  you so much for all you have done."
Dave,   Monarch Beach, CA   November, 2012
"A good day after a long time. You know I love Fridays. Trade 1: 12 minutes... above 20% profit. Trade 2: 13 minutes... above 30% profit. Trade 3.. 1 minute.. above 20% profit. Trade 4... 2 minutes..  20% profit.  Not a bad day. by 10:24 amd, done for the day... 90% profit.  It proves your teaching is life time asset. Tell this to people who say your services are too expensive or your system does not work."
Mujahid,   Ontario, Canada    November, 2012
Hugh adds:   Mujahid is on his way to making his 2nd $1k to $100k in one year.
"I have been averaging about 8% on my trades. I have to pinch myself to really believe this is happening. Have a great weekend."
Clint M., British Columbia, Canada    October, 2012
"I have had great success with the quarter candle strategy since starting."
Dave I.    CA    October, 2012
"Thanks Hugh... really enjoy this!!! very facinating...  cheers"
Anton,   CO    September, 2012
"Thank you for the encouraging words Hugh.   Sending the best."
Chris,   AZ    September, 2012
"Hey Hugh, just sold my puts for a cool 25% net. Thanks for keeping my nerves in check. That's an $810 day for me... cheers!"
B.C., Canada    August, 2012
"... enjoy you being my mentor at this Hugh. You have gone above and beyond for me and I am very appreciative of everything. I know I would have given up a long time ago without you. I would have ran out of capital and or quit completely probably both  lol"
Ed    PA    August, 2012
"Hugh, I just wanted to let you know that I have traded the 15 min strategy almost every day since our webmeeting. I have had 100% success rate minums the one day that I tried to be fancy and wait for a better entry only to get in too late (I recognize my error and have implemented a strict trading policy to avoid that again.) The success of this strategy is wonderful. I two weeks I have returned 63% and after compounding my returns I expect to have 100% by the end of this week."
TX    August, 2012
"FYI... took me 3 minutes to make 8.5%. Thanks again."
MI.,    August, 2012
... from my Inbox, August 15, 2012... unsolicated mail
"My trading has been going great!... 18 winners in a row and I am 21 for my last 22."
"Tough 10 minute workday... 140 calls  1.065 in, 1.22 out... 14.5%... done"
"Today is a milestone for me... $1,000 gain in 3 minutes, WOW!  I owe all my success to you and your coaching, training and the platform for trading that you have perfected."
"Hi Hugh, Wo2, your candle strategy is fantastic.. made 22% in 10 minutes."
"Per those 139 calls I would not have believed it for all my life that you wouuld be able to come out of those with a gain. Congrats. I am still shaking my head 2.5 hrs into the trading day. You continue to be the man  :)  "
Ben,   VA    August, 2012
" this method. Am making money while on vacation... How great is that!!!  Thank you so much.  :D  "
Arlene,   CONN    August, 2012
"You are such a wonderful teacher, coach and mentor to all your subscribers. I feel so enriched by being part of your team. You have given me tremendous confidence that I can become a good successful trader through the countless hours of education and encouragement you have so generously given to me."
Richard P., CO,  July, 2012
"Worked again today like a charm although admittedly, I got in a bit early because of the speed bar shooting up like a rocket. Daniel tells me that 8% target using the S/R system has 37 consecutive wins. Thanks. "
KS    July, 2012
"I am up about north of 260% since I rejoined <about 6 weeks ago>. I really enjoy the webinars and learn something new each time... so, thanks again for the awesome work and webinars.. .they are extremely useful, as are your pivots, guidance and wisdom."
Pat B., B.C., Canada    July, 2012
"Just have to tell you about today's successess... I made seven separate trades today for a total gross ROI of 41.88%, or 28.19% net ROI after commissions..   There is an old adage that says, 'give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, and you feed him for life.' Thank you, Hugh, for teaching me how to fish."
Bobby N, MS    June, 2012
"You're (sic) training and the ongoing support of the group has been absolutely vital to my sticking with it and not falling out. Every time I get really down and start to think maybe I'm not cut out for this, I just remember that I have access to you and the group. I can't tell you how important that is."
B.C.,  N.Y.,     June, 2012
 "... Your information is PURE GOLD. I;ve told a couple of my friends about it and hopefully they will join us."
S.A.  GA    June, 2012
"Thank you for today. It's very refreshing to find someone who is honest and is willing to share his knowledge to assist others to become confident in trading."
AL    May, 2012
"I did not join your 1000 to 100,000 contest but did want to share my successes with you. I did start in Jan, 2012 with 40,000 and have turned it into 107,000 effective yesterday. This is a 67,000 gains and a 165% RTD, I want to say thanks for the knowledge and guidance you have provided which as allowed my to succeed."
Ben,   VA    May, 2012
"BTO 75 134p @ .99    STC 75 134p @ 1.39...  $3000   With trade I think I am over 2000% ROI YTD!!!"
Randy, WA    May, 2012
"Just wanted to compliment you on your trade today. You said all morning you were looking for the markets to rise even in the face of all the bearish activity and you were certainly proved correct. So congrats on a great trade and having the conviction to stick with it."
K.J....  sent from my iPhone
"I just wanted to let you know that I had another winning day today. My gains were +10.3%, +8.9% and +6.3%. Your bread and butter strategy is making 'bread'....  THANK YOU!!"
Steve A., GA    April, 2012
"... as always you are a great teacher and I thank you every day for what you have taught me..."
A.S.   CA,    April, 2012
"Thank you much not only for today, but fo rall your mentorsip. I can't express how much you have given me by helping to coax what I know I have within out of me. Your coaching is allowing for my growth as a professional trader. I greatly enjoy our talks and look forward to all of our interactions."
B.C.   Long Island, N.Y.    March, 2012
"Thanks very much for allowing me to be member of your trading group the last few weeks, I've learned a lot."
Will,   Adelaide, Australia    February, 2012
"I have nothing but good things to say about you and your site and your training. In the past, I have paid for training that was 10x the cost of your training, yet never yielded the returns that you are achieving."
Glenn    January, 2012
"After a couple decades, you are the only ones I have made money with!"
Jay, TX    January, 2012
"I appreciate all that you are doing for me and the group!"
Brian P., CO    January, 2012
"Thanks for the great one on Monday and the great live trading session this morning. you and the service are great! Anyone not participating in this is really missing out. Not only a financial opportunity, but a chance to pass this onto their children. As you know, Tracy and I have been following your service for a year, going up when we followed the rules and down when we broke them."
John, TX    January, 2012
"I could not help but to write you a little note to congratulate you. A tough Thanksgiving week or two really sapped our momentum with some tough losses. And what does our humble mentor do? He comes out swinging like a champ. Your recent trading has been amazing! Congratulations!"
Bruno,  N.Y.    December, 2011
"I am really appreciative for your understanding of my situation and very thankful for your proposal. It reinforces my believe that you're the real deal and not after cheap money. In fact, as I am writing this email, I am in Narita (Tokyo) and couldn't sleep (it's 4:00 am local time). I will be in Vietnam on Thursday and so could attend the live trading."
Andre, Airline Captain working the Asian route    December, 2011
"Thanks for all your support, you're awesome!"
Marianne, CA    December, 2011
"... made 8% every day this week... you are not just the man... your the 'BIG MAN'...
Anthony, LA.    December, 2011
" have been a real blesing in my life. Under your tutoring, guidance and reading all of your ebooks several times, I have made 38 trades (one a day)   34 wins and 4 losses. I can't thank you enough. You are the APPLE OF ME EYE!!!"
CO    November, 2011
Hugh adds:  We have to work on those losses.
"One month ago I knew nothing about trading and now I am on 5 days, 8 trades win streak. Your system definitely works and one on one sessions make it clear. Thank you."
Tom,   ON, Canada    November, 2011
excerpt from Live Trading on Nov. 1/11
"Thanks I just paid for a couple months worth of live trading seminars  :)"
Amber, ON, Canada    November, 2011
"Simply stated, you are a master when it comes to reading the charts!!! In today's Live Trading you kept everyone calm when the 116C started to go against us big time. It is to your professionalism and strong knowledge that allows your subscribers to do so well. I am very grateful. I was able to exceed our goal of 10%.   YOU'RE THE BEST!!"
CO    October, 2011
"... I am near 40k now after 3 weeks... I will soon be in a position to build up my trading account and not long after, resign from my full time position."
Mark   ON, Canada    October, 2011
"Wanted to say Thank You for all your help... Tacy made 25.8% and I made 11.8% this morning."
TX    October, 2011
"... it appears I have found a great mentor, because, I have known quite a few successful traders before, but never as good a teacher. Your ability to help me to understand this process is truly great. After you teach me a lesson I get it conceptually (which any teach can do), but I also seem to be able to implement it in real-world scenarious (that is where your ability so starkly parts from other 'coaches' I have known.)"
N.Y.   September, 2011
"WOW!!! You walk the walk adn talk the talk. You really are a PRO. I watched your webinar from Thursday night. It was GREAT."
R. P.    September, 2011
"Early morning 133% profit.... Last night's webinar was another excellent on... I don't understand why people can not make 10% everyday. They just have to invest in themselves. Please guys and girls take 1 1o 1 with Hugh, and see results."
MS, Toronto, Canada    September, 2011
"You definitely seem to be a breath of fresh air in teh trading servies world when it comes to actually taking an interest in the fellow trader."
JK    September, 2011
 "I just wanted to send you a note to say THANK YOU! Your webinars are great...  I am enjoying your service and am working on implementing your strategies - I am very thankful for you and your service - I can say I have tried a lot of services/techniques - and I see the honesty in your approach and results as both refreshing and impactful."
CO    August, 2011
"Seven trades all but one over 10%. The one I chickened out and pulled the trigger at 3%. Still can't believe it..."
Goldy WI    August, 2011
"I had a successful paper trade this morning from 6:37 to 6:44 am (7 minutes) with a 12 cent gain for a return of 9.5%. I'm finally starting to 'get it'. The reason is, I HAVE A GREAT MENTOR <---- YOU!!!"
MA    August, 2011
"bought 121 calls at 9:32 for .80 sold 9:35 .88 10% in 3 min.  This is great.. <Aug. 16>
I've never been this excited over making $75. This was big for the confidence. Thanks...  <Aug. 15>
Bought .90 at 9:37 and sold for .99 at 9:48.. this can't be legal  <Aug. 17>"
WI    August, 2011
"Even though I didn't have a mic fo rmy first webinar... it was awesome! Very motivating."
JH    August, 2011
"Using what you have taught me I have made more money this week than I ever have and the week is not over."
Adam,  CA    August, 2011
"... have been paper trading the methods and over the last 2 weeks have not had one loss.. .also not goin for the 5% but 7%... so you are the 'GURU'... your the 'MAN' or the 'BEAN JELLY BEAN'"
Tony, LA    July, 2011
Hugh adds: 'bean jelly bean'??? Huh?   :)
"I see you as a more dedicated, straight forward and practical mentor to follow."
Lee, Malaysia    July, 2011






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