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This is but a sampling of what others say... from active traders, newbies, casual observers.  Names are withheld for privacy. 


"You called it again!" <in reference to a winner of 64% profit on SPY calls>
Greg S.,   MD,     December, 2014 
"just finished listening to Mujahid guest spot on your presentation... very educational... finding your course is finally like the light at the end of the tunnel, and I can rest a little now."
James M., AZ     November, 2014
"Great hour last night. Very informative. I learn all the time from every presentation and webinar. You are a great teacher and leader. Thx."
JP M.    ME     October, 2014
"Your service has been nothing short of exceptional! I will be back as soon as my schedule allows me."
Jason C.   WI    October, 2014
" profit of 56% for hte day"....  Sept. 17
" profit of 15% for the day"...  Sept. 19
"...single trade today... 10% profit"... Sept 22
" profit of 72% for the day"...  Sept. 25
" 8% profit for my only trade today"...  Sept. 29
Dennis A.   UT   September, 2014
<editor's note...  this is but a sampling... Dennis sends me his results daily>
"... always recall you are a stand up guy... good to see you back on!  Your honesty and humility set you apart from the many charlatans in this industry."
Jon,   VA      September, 2014
"I love the live trading sessions. Obviously I can't speak for everyone but the calm and decisive decisions that you and Burt make put me at ease this morning despite a somewhat tumultuous market. "
Chris S., ME       August, 2014
 "The Think or Swim webinar is fabulour and a LOT of info! I"m still going through it every day."
Lynda S., ON       August, 2014
"I have sensed that you are very personally interactive with each person which in today's environment is rare but refreshing. Thank you for maintaining that and hopefully you won't grow too fast and not be able to continue with this personal service."
Robynn M.    CA       July, 2014
"... I've had a successful trade every day since I started a week ago today with no losers. The first two were less than 2% ROI since I did not have the confidence to stick with it, but since then, all trades have been double digit. Obviously, I am loving your system."
Malcolm C., TN     June, 2014
"Just wanted you to know that today I made 23% on SPY puts from LP signal and 9% on Batters Box (my 1st BB trade) with YELP. WHOOPEE!!"
Paul E., CO     June, 2014
"I have had 3 trades utilizing Hugh's method... 10%, 15% and 19.8%. I'm impressed, WOW!!....  the best Options Trading System with the Best Training I have seen & I have seen a LOT!  I was able to pay for the training webinars the first week." 
J. M.   Dallas, TX     May, 2014
"Well... this has indeed been an amazing day....  all in all... a whopping 81% profit for the day!!!  Do you think I should send Putin some flowers for bailing me out today?"
Dennis A.,  UT     May, 2014
"The Batter's Box is a great addition and I like it."
Thomas K., FL     April, 2014
"You seem to really care about helping people and that means a lot to me, Thank you!"
Mike D.  CO     April, 2014
"It seems to me that your trading room and approach to trading is what I have been looking for - I am very grateful that I found you and your colleagues..."
Brian D., N.Y.     April, 2014
"Thank you for being fabulous and sharing information that could potentially make my family financially wealthy! God bless you many, many times over, Hugh."
Biata, N.J.    March, 2014
"3 trades today...8%, ...18%,... 7% .... total of 33% for the day"
Dennis A.  UT    March, 2014
"Thank you Hugh. I was really hoping to get the book tonight and you delivered! Also thanks for the trade tip on HSY and a big thank you for writing this book!"
Don, FL     February, 2014
"I earned 31% on this trade but wanted to verify with you that I'm understanding your training. I keep missing details."
Scott & MIria, CO    February, 2014
"Without trying to blow smoke up your back side, you are a remarkable individual. I feel lucky to have found estock trading."
Mike B., FL    January, 2014
"What a great week!!!  $2,525!   yeehaw!"
Charli, CO   January, 2014
"...I've found profits with every trade since starting with the Launch Pad."
Jim H., NC    December, 2013
"It was a pleasure to meet you, Bob & Burt... Overall, I have done very well and am very happy with the methodologies the 3 of you have taught me."
Jim L.,   ON     December, 2013
"The live trading is fantastic. Thank you!"
Laurie G., CA     November, 2013
"Enjoyed my first webinar very much and made a little cash as well, 13%!!"
Brian, CA     November, 2013
" of 21% profit for the day. Why didn't I know about this 30 years ago???"
Dennis A., UT    October, 2013
"You make the complicated subject of trade so simple and easy to learn."
Tina G., CA,    October, 2013
"Tonight's webinar was one of the most informative and helpful."
Bobbie, FL    September, 2013
"Thank you for your reply. The plan you present makes sense. I am all for it!"
Tony W.,    September, 2013
"I'm really excited to start with this program. You are a blessing that has been put in my life. I like the way you teach and keep it simple. Thank you for this new journey you have inspired me to take."
Larry N., Fort Myers, FL,   August, 2013
"Again, you are doing these webinars in perfect relax manner with superior knowledge of trading SPY market. There is no better teacher-instructor-leader 'THANK YOU VERY MUCH""
Alex F., August, 2013
"Results from the 3 weeks - gross trading profit of $11,394 less commissions of $2,116.91 and a net profit of $9,277.09"  <This trader just started with us... his first trade was $801.24... great job!>
Jim L., Ontario, Canada, August, 2013
"As always I am grateful for your response and advice. I thank the good Lord daily for all the blessings he has bestowed upon me including you and your wonderful service... As I have said many times you are simply the BEST!!!!"
Richard P, CO, July, 2013
"Hugh, I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the valuable and insightful instruction you have Tony and me. I can assure you that had you not been there to provide such outstanding tutelage, I'd have to work this or some other crap job... for the rest of my life."
Sal B., LA., July, 2013
"Just a note of thanks. I started using Launch Pad 2 weeks ago today. Due to some business travel, I was not able to place trades everyday. As of today, I am up over $12,000 and the system is working great."
Al L., July, 2013
"Thank you as always for being so accommodating!"
Don T., June, 2013






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