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Learn To Trade

Several ways in which to learn, each providing unique benefits. From personal 'One on One' mentoring to group sessions, we have you covered. Invest in yourself first, then the market.



Scheduled Webinars:

May 2, 3 and 4, 2014

Weekend of Webinars...  BOOK NOW!     All webinars: $149


- group webinars are interactive, informative, inspiring and fun
- each scheduled session is about 1.5 - 2 hours in length
- webinars are recorded and available to participants for later review
- all sessions are conducted through quality GoToWebinar® interface
Beginners - 9 pm ET, Friday, May 2
- options vs. stocks; rights and obligations of both
- risks/benefits of options and why you must care
- choosing the right broker/trading platform; they're not all the same
- the importance of logging trades and keeping great review notes
- setting up TD Ameritrade Think or Swim® to conform to our charts
- and more....


Intermediate 1 - 10 am ET, Saturday, May 3
- interpreting stock momentum through candlestick reading
- stunning chart patterns that work almost flawlessly
- why it is vital to know your support and resistance
- the effect of news and other worldly events
- interpreting key indicators for almost certain profits
- and more...


Intermediate 2 - 1 pm ET, Saturday, May 3
- mastering the two greeks every trader needs to know
- how options are priced; components and caveats
- calculating your expected profits with amazing accuracy
- determining which options to trade; they are not all the same
- tips, tricks and traps, any one of which can save/make you money
- and more...
Advanced - 5 pm ET, Sunday, May 4
- master our signature 'Bread and Butter' strategy for daily gains
- understanding the KISS Indicator® for maximum results
- using our proprietary  Launch Pad® and Launch Pad Plus®
- psychology of trading and learning to control your emotions
- committing to your trading plan of earning 5% a day
- and more...


Q & A - 8 pm ET, Sunday, May 4
- bring your own particular questions for review
- penny stock perils and why they need to be avoided
- how to repair trades gone bad; yes, we all have them
- what you need to know about non fiscal factors affecting markets
- anything else you may wish to discuss; it's your forum
- the next steps in your success on the stock market



Personal 'One on One' Training

- webinars through GoToMeeting®, each lasting about an hour 
- scheduled to your convenience, in the comfort of your office/home 
- scheduled between 1 pm and midnight, ET, including weekends 
- affordable, customized and recommended for beginners to pro traders 
- learn everything, from chart setups to strategy to psychology of trading
- only relevant material taught to fast track you to consistent profits 
- learn at your own pace, your level to build lasting confidence
- video recording available on request, no extra charge 
- coaching from a seasoned, patient and empathetic instructor/trader 
- bulk discounted rate available, to be used within 12 months
- cost: $169 U.S. per session 




Bulk Package 

- purchase 11 scheduled sessions for the price of 10, to be used within one year
Cost: $1,500

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Live Trading: Catch the Action! 

As exciting and fulfilling as it is, make no mistake: option trading can be hazardous to your financial health.

View this sample video of a Live Trading session and watch how we make money on a daily basis. Join us and be guided every step of the way to confident trading. We provide total support for consistent profits.



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Information in this website is for educational purposes only. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Option trading is inherently risky. Trade at your own peril. I/we do not give recommendations. Picks are only what I/we expect to trade given my/our own personal risk tolerances. Actual trades may differ should conditions suddenly and materially change.