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  • About Us
    About Hugh Like you, I've been there, done that, took all the courses... What I learned was how generous the stock market truly can be. Seriously. Using my simple strategy that earns a modest, yet consistent income, this highly effecti ...
  • Accomplishments
    Accomplishments Showcasing Recent Awards and Achievements   It is with great pride that we present some distinguished honors.   # 1 - Comparison to other stock advisory/educational services pro-trading-profits® Perf ...
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  • Different Approach
    What Makes Us Different Choosing a Mentor Can Be a Daunting Task    First question to ask: do coaches trade their strategy? If not, run - don't walk - run away! That means they do not have the confidence in ...
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  • Estock Videos
    Videos Brief videos of interest   1. Click Here for the 'Intro to Trading' video... short feature video on how you can learn to trade quickly and effectively using my system.   2. TORONTO, CANADA: (November, 2011) Mujahid S. took $900 ...
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  • Hughs Ebooks
      Hugh's E-books      Hugh's Introduction to Trading - FREE - July, 2014   Follow through how Hugh's own financial guru's mishandling of his account inspired him to learn trading. Turned out for the better as H ...
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  • Intro To Trading
    Thank you for visiting estockoptiontrading. Please sign up for our Mailing List and Head Trader Hugh's free e-book, 'Introduction to Trading/Tips, Tricks and Traps'.       #WFItem563378 html { color:#000 ...
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  • KISS Indicator
    KISS Indicator® This program was exclusively written by one of the Live Traders, Burt, for his own use. It worked so well that we incorporated it into our program under a licencing agreement.   'KISS' is short for 'Keeping It Super S ...
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  • Launch Pad
    The Launch Pad® A proprietary software, this web based program provides for one trade a day on SPY, usually triggered near market open at 9:30 to 9:45 am, ET.    The results are stunning. Click to view the potential ga ...
  • Learn To Trade
    Learn To Trade Several ways in which to learn, each providing unique benefits. From personal 'One on One' mentoring to group sessions, we have you covered. Invest in yourself first, then the market.          &nb ...
  • Live Trading
    Live Trading with the Pros Narrated Morning Trades   As it happens: Live Trading with professional traders Hugh, Burt and Bob.   Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 9:20 to 11:00 am, the premarket report is followed by l ...
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  • Newsletters
    Newsletters Enjoy the wealth of information and light hearted humor from Hugh! Check back often as, due to popular demand, we will be archiving them on this site. Simply click the links.   March 23, 2014 - Finding Your Perfect Trading ...
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  • Privacy Policy
    Privacy Policy Your privacy is important to us. Estockoptiontrading/Hugh's Daily Picks is committed to maintaining the privacy, security and accuracy of the personal data we collect, use and disclose in accordance with current applicable legisl ...
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  • Recent Results
     Recent Results Inner Circle members see actual trade screen shots. Live Trading members witness the trades first hand.     
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  • Subscriptions
    Subscriptions   1.  Inner Circle:   FREE WEEK TRIAL... limited time only!   Premarket morning report and proposed picks, posted at about 9:20 eastern time.     A 'floating schedule' but  brief webin ...
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  • Testimonials
    Testimonials   This is but a sampling of what others say... from active traders, newbies, casual observers.  Names are withheld for privacy.       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   "You guys are a class ac ...
  • The Amazing Month
    How Hugh Made $250,000 in a Month Actually, it was more. $254,000 to be more precise.  Hi, my name is Hugh. The year was 2005. I needed money, as many of you can relate. (divorce... you know how it goes). I h ...
  • Trading FAQs
    Trading FAQS   Where can I find your Newsletters? Click here for the archived Hugh's News. High demand coerced me to formally start writing and disseminating these pearls of wisdom to our list. As with everything we do, they are bri ...
  • Trading Webinars
    Webinar Schedule Check back often as new webinars are frequently being added.  Times are Eastern Time    Click Here to book a Training Session     Click to book an 'Intro to Trading' Session       ...
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    Stocks we're watching...   Here's a pick ready to by bought.....     SPY 195 calls   Oct. 15  2:15 pm     




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As exciting and fulfilling as it is, make no mistake: option trading can be hazardous to your financial well being.

View this sample 6.5 minute video of a Live Trading session. We do this every Tuesday and Thursday morning, 9:20 to 11 am.

Pro traders, Hugh, Burt and Bob, analyze premarket data, setups and charts to trade their own real money!

It's exciting, inspirational, informative and fun!   Join us!





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Information in this website is for educational purposes only. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Option trading is inherently risky. Trade at your own peril. I/we do not give recommendations. Picks are only what I/we expect to trade given my/our own personal risk tolerances. Actual trades may differ should conditions suddenly and materially change.